Moegram is a fictional photo sharing social site for my Myroids. Each page shows off some of my favourite outfits for my girls.

Hello! I go by Meru on the MCC app. I'm a homemaker with a part-time job who enjoys anime, gaming, and writing. I've been playing MCC since 2021 after a friend showed me the game, and I created Moegram in May 2022. Outside of MCC I play Monster Hunter, Final Fantasy XIV, and am a semi-active member in the Petz Community. My Petz fansite, CYBORG, can be found here:

Feel free to bother/work with/study with/recommend any of my girls on the app at any time if you see them. I try to always return bothers!
Ah, and I apologize for any mistakes on my end, my phone is old and lags a lot when playing MCC. Sometimes things get mistakenly clicked while a page is loading.

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